AW 18 Trending : Snake Print Style

Hi darlings! It’s been about a minute, but I am back now. Hehe

So, I took a long break, vacationing and whatnot. You can check out what I was up to on my insta-page @stephstyleguide. I promise it’s the perfect excuse. 😉

Reverting to today’s topic, #Snakeprintstyle

I initially had no intention of participating in this trend simply because I am not the biggest fan of Reptiles or anything that crawls, but the more I come across the different style patterns being composed out of the prints the more I keep falling for it and can’t stop buying it. (Can you blame me though?)

The good thing about this trend is that like the Summer 18 polka dot trend, it is bound to make a comeback. So, while animal prints slowly fizzle away into something new, you can pack up yours confidently knowing that it shall return someday.

Today’s Look:

I styled this look three ways like I always do.

First look was simply wearing the outfit as it is. The only change made was the belt which came with the jumpsuit, I ended up switching it for a Bumbag from Topshop. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the belt that came with the outfit, but I also wanted to brighten up the look without taking too much attention from it. I paired this look with black heels bought on sales from AKIRA.

Before I continue, can we just appreciate how gorgeous this jumpsuit is guys? It is one of those items you can keep in your wardrobe knowing that next time you wear it, you can create a whole new look with it.

My second look was all about casual styling. Playing with colours, I added a red blazer which I bought from Zara two seasons back to the snake-skin print Jumpsuit. To add a casual feel to this look I dressed it down with Adidas Trainers. What do you think of the casual look?

Being inspired by my first two looks I decided to go a step further by adding the stunning pearl kimono I had gotten from AKIRA summer sales and the same Bumbag I wore earlier. Yes darlings, I am always on the lookout for new bargains and thankfully I always tend to find it somehow. #igotyoucovered #stickwithmebabes

So babes, what do you think of my three looks? Would you have styled it differently or is it perfectly done? If you could style it in a different way, what would it have been?

Shop the look:

Cameo Rose Brown Wrap Jumpsuit – New Look (now on sales) €13

Beige Round Faux Fur Bumbag – Topshop €29

Adidas Superstar Shoes – Office Shoes €56

Shop AKIRA sales collections using the below link.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @stephstyleguide for daily dose of fashion and more of those hashtags.


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