Sassy in Black

I love wearing the Color black, it is by far the best color for clothing. Studies have found that black tends to make people appear more ‘attractive, intelligent and confident. It is also seen as not only the most sophisticated color to wear on formal occasions, but one of the easiest stylish colors that can both elevate a look and never goes out of trend.

For me, wearing black means I can let loose and not worry about bumps revealing itself at the wrong places. I also love wearing this color as it brings out that sassy, bold girl who is ready to take on the world. It is really the perfect.

Here is my five reasons why black simply rocks:

1: It can easily be layered endlessly.


2: It is suitable for all skin tones.


3: You can either choose to accessorize your look or can go without it. Whatever works for you.


4: It is figure flattering.


5: It is also seen as the easiest color to wear without worrying about matching.



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